Underground Dog Fence Repair & Location

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Did you recently move into a new home with an underground dog fence that doesn't work? Is your system outdated? Is the company who installed it out of business? These are common problems for homeowners. We can help you get back on track. 

We diagnose and repair all brands of pet containment systems on the market, not just the Dog Guard® system. If you have no idea who installed your fence, or even what brand it is, let us take a look so you can avoid paying for a completely new system. We’ll have you up and running in no time by repairing or upgrading your existing system, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

Missing Collars?

No problem! We can reprogram collars, match new ones for your pets, and integrate them into your existing system. Our technicians will perform a complete test of your underground dog fence and let you know your options.

Locating the Wire for Your Underground Dog Fence

Need to mark buried signal wires? We can locate your existing fence and flag it so you don’t cut the wire during your next landscaping project.

We can also move or expand your containment boundaries wherever you wish on your property and help add additional pets or visiting dogs to the system.

Underground Dog Fence System Repairs

Dog Guard® of Central Wisconsin repairs systems regardless of the manufacturer. 

We have the equipment and expertise to locate your existing fence, perform diagnostics, properly repair & replace wire breaks, and troubleshoot transmitter and receiver issues. Plus, we sell batteries for any type of system if yours are spent so you can minimize system downtime.

Full-service Package

We provide a complete underground dog fence system that includes professional installation, training, and year-round support.

100% Guarantee & Limited Lifetime Electronics Warranty

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee on our system. Plus, you get a limited lifetime warranty on our electronics, including receivers, transmitters, and a surge protector.

Decades of Experience

Dog Guard® is one of the oldest underground dog fence companies in the country. As such, we’ve been protecting pets for over 35 years, now across 75 locations.

Additionally, your local dealer, Dave Knapp, has been training dogs both personally and professionally for over 45 years. Since 2015, he’s poured his decades of experience into installing and repairing Dog Guard fences and training pets to feel comfortable with the new system.

Installing & Repairing an Underground Dog Fence in Endeavor, WI

We had a Dog Guard® fence installed on three acres of the thirty we own. We had a problem with our dogs wanting to chase the deer, raccoons, coyote, and all the other critters that traverse our property. After installing the fence, Dave ensured all our dogs were trained to respect the boundaries. Dave has been very responsive to any questions I have had about the fence and was quick to repair the underground line when I cut it with my tractor.

Thanks Dave and Dog Guard®!”

- Mark Stetzer, Endeavor, WI

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