Underground Dog Fence Installation in NE, Central, & North Central Wisconsin

An Affordable & Safe Alternative to Conventional Pet Fencing

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Dog Guard® Underground Dog Fence System Overview


You Design the Fence Boundary

Each installation is customized to your unique environment. You design the perimeter of the fence. We’ll work with you to ensure your pet is protected around pools, driveways, lake frontage, and any other dangerous areas.

Whether you’re home in the woods near Wausau or vacationing on Green Lake, we have the expertise necessary to install a new fence that protects your dog without wrecking your view.

Example Underground Dog Fence Diagrams

dog fence loop diagram

Underground dog fence loop diagram

dog fence separating yards diagram

Diagram of underground dog fence separating front and back yards

existing fence diagram

Underground dog fence with existing fence


We Install the Underground Dog Fence System for You

We bury a boundary wire underground that receives a radio signal from the transmitter in your home.


You Place the Receiver on Your Dog

Your dog wears a receiver attached to a comfortable collar. The receiver emits the appropriate stimulus level as your dog approaches the barrier. If your pet continues to advance, the second field produces the maximum correction.


We Help You Train Your Dog on the Fence

Dave Knapp, the owner of Dog Guard® of Central Wisconsin and seasoned professional dog trainer, will work with you and your pet to help ensure training protocols are successfully followed, your pet understands where they can and cannot go, and you feel comfortable continuing the training for two weeks following installation of our underground dog fence.

We use flags and the collar to show your pet its boundaries and will repeatedly walk along this area to show him or her where it is safe. We will also allow them to hear or feel the mild correction to help them understand where the boundaries are located.

Together, you will determine the appropriate levels of audible and stimulus cues for your pet, as well as the distance from the border your pet should receive the cues based on their personality.

Reliable Products. Guaranteed Service. That’s the Dog Guard® Promise.

lifetime warranty graphic

We have no doubt our dog training products and underground dog fence installation services in Wisconsin are the absolute best on the market. Our transmitters and receivers are so reliable and well made that we offer a lifetime warranty on the equipment.

We want you to feel secure in your purchase. That’s why Dog Guard® provides a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, valid from the purchase date of your equipment.

Containing a Small Dog in Central Wisconsin

Jane’s little dog meant the world to her. She wanted him to be able to play in her yard without getting tangled up in the patio furniture, but her property sat at the border of a woodland filled with potential hazards and burrs that could get tangled up in his fur. Dog Guard® installed a fence and helped her train her dog. Now, Jane and her husband can just let him out the door.

My husband and I couldn’t be happier with our Dog Guard® fence and Dave Knapp. Having the peace of mind that our dog stays in his own yard where he is protected has taken a worry and turned it into pure happiness as we watch our dog enjoy his yard. Our neighbors love it too! Thanks Dave!"

- Jane Bandt, Rio, WI

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dog Guard® Underground Dog Fence

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